Mime Time

In three days, I will see all of Sebastien’s family at our wedding reception. This might be a problem.

A number of his relatives only speak French, a language that now eludes. I used to know how to speak it because I spent two years living in France. I picked up words and phrases by trial and error: If you want cigarettes bad enough, you learn how to ask for them in any language.

But now that is all gone. And the only things I remember how to say are vulgarities and bawdy jokes.

So although I can tell Sebastien’s cousin to go fuck himself, asking if he is enjoying the meal might be a stretch.

I’ll probably just smile and keep my mouth shut.


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Amy Kraft is a print and radio journalist based in New York. Her work has appeared in publications including Scientific American, Discover, Popular Science, The Week, Psychology Today, and Distillations, a podcast out of the Chemical Heritage Foundation. She is currently working on a book of humor essays. View all posts by JadedBride

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