The Greatest Gift of All

Sebastien and I decided to make a charity wedding registry. That way, guests can donate to causes we support and we can feel good about ourselves without giving away our money.

The New York Public Library is on that list. It is a great place. Sometimes, when I’m browsing the shelves in the bookstore, I start to criticize the exorbitant price of quality reading material. And then I remember that there is a place I can go where the books are always free: the library. And I feel like so many people have yet made that connection and are still paying for books. Of course, sometimes there’s a 2-month waiting period to get the title you want and it often comes in a greasy plastic wrapper, but even so.

I actually have a library book out now. In fact, it is a few weeks overdue. I tried to renew it online but I couldn’t remember my pin number and I kept forgetting to bring it in to the library to renew. Then I started to get friendly reminders from the library to return the book. I still couldn’t take it back. I pass by the library every day on my way to and from work, but their hours are so inconvenient. Or, if they are by some miracle open when I am on the street, I forget to bring the book. (I guess a case can be made for why the bookstore is preferred over the library.)

Maybe NYPL can excuse my transgression since we are being so generous with our wedding gifts (assuming people actually donate to them).

Or, instead of donating to that charity, as a wedding gift to me, a guest can collect the book from my house, drop it off at the library and pay the fine. That’s probably the greatest gift of all.


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