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Everything is set for the wedding. We’ve hired a photographer, a DJ and the managers at the reception venue are taking care of the rest. I’ve been in contact with the venue manager, but I haven’t heard from the photographer or the DJ in a few months. People tell me this is the way it is. People tell me the photographer and DJ will call me a week or two before the wedding to go over any details. But I’m worried.

What if something happened to them? Anything could happen. An angry bride took her revenge on them, food poisoning on a cruise, suicide.

I just want some reassurance that they didn’t fall of the face of the earth or quit their regular job to try a career in the circus.

My dentist calls me at least four times a year to tell me it is time for my checkup or to ask how my teeth are doing. I even get mail from his office. Even now, after I’ve told him that I switched dentists. (The switch is not at all related to his constant phone calls and letters, though. It is mostly because of his incompetence as a dentist.)

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t mind some form of contact every once and a while from the guys helping out at my wedding, just so I know that I don’t have to think about it.

Worst case scenario, my sister can provide music on her flute and we’ll capture special moments on iPhones or not at all.



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One response to “Call Me

  • Melissa

    It is totally normal to not hear anything for months. I would email them justto check in. They will likely tell you everything is set and they will be in touch a week or so before the wedding. Don’t know how much entertainment I could provide with my flute! I have a lot of Christmas music but I just don’t think that would be appropriate:)

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