Freaking Out About Not Freaking Out

I received an email about how to stay stress-free while planning your wedding and I panicked. Should I be freaking out? Am I in denial about how much work really goes into something like this? Admittedly, I do take more time planning a trip to the thrift store, but shouldn’t I? At a thrift store I have to pick through racks of clothes and shoes and make sure nothing is damaged and that the item is actually worth the markup. Planning a wedding is way easier: I assume everything is going to be marked up and write some checks and other people do all of the work.

I watched Sebastien write out and mail the check for a deposit on the venue and I needed a nap. Once a week I usually think about some aspect of the wedding, such as whether or not I will go swimming in the indoor pool at the hotel near the reception hall or if there’s a karaoke bar in Stamford. I’m just going to let the wedding part take care of itself.

Sure we may not have any music at the reception and dessert will probably come in the form of ring dings from an area gas station, but at least we will all be together. Of course, even that is starting to look dubious.

Right now it’s just a matter of making up the invitations, which guests can expect to get sometime between now and 2015. We’ve thought about completing that task, but then we realize that the rug needs to be vacuumed. So I guess you shouldn’t expect an email invitation from us any time soon. In fact, just show up if you think you might be invited. If you’re not sure, just send a gift.


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