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We’re in the midst of finalizing the wedding date and location, so I told Sebastien that we should plan on sending out save-the-date cards because that’s just what every married person and wedding planner and wedding planning website advises.

“What are those?” Sebastien said when I mentioned the idea.

“You know, cards that you send out before the wedding.”

“But isn’t that the invitation?”

“Well, sort of, but this is different because you have to send them out right away.”

“Why?” Sebastien could tell that I didn’t really know what I was talking about.

“Because that’s what they say. You have to let people officially know that you are getting married.” I thought I made a pretty good case, but it only egged him on.

“But that’s an invitation.”

He had a good point so I dropped the idea.

For those who were expecting something in the form of a save the date, I managed to whip something up.

Here are some other fun save the dates I found.

Austin Wedding Blog (people from Austin rock)

Hall of Fritz


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